When I see "we care about your privacy" I get a weird creepy vibe from it.

Like, why? Why the hell do you care about my privacy? What business of yours is my privacy?

Why don't you go ahead and care about something else? My privacy was just fine before you started "caring" for it.

@rysiek @datacop

Well let's be totally honest here.. we don't want your private data, meta or not.

But every time you visit our site or use our app you insist on sending your data to our server even if we asked you not to..

It's getting weird, you're making it weird.. and It's getting a little bit creepy tbh ngl


@eris2cats @rysiek I think the creepy part is taking notes for everybody who looks at your public billboard. I mean, if you don't want people looking at it, why even have one at all?

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