#1000Fragen 422. Wie gefährlich ist deine Arbeit? 

Komplett ungefährlich. So langweilig, dass ich selbst nicht darüber reden will.

#1000Fragen 421. Welches Ritual hast du beim Duschen? 

Zuerst die Haare, dann der Rest. Also von oben nach unten.

Absolutely recommend this queer reading list. I’ve only read 4 of those books before and 5 have already been on my list. You might find something new there as well: lithub.com/111-queer-books-rec

gender question 

Also irgendwer hat das doch sicher schon erforscht: warum darf mein männlich gelesener Gegenüber-Nachbar einfach so oben ohne am Balkon herumstehen?

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Amazed out how many people responded to my "do not announce your intent to commit crimes" toot with variations of "even better, don't commit crimes at all!"

Look: not all laws are moral. The law can, AND FREQUENTLY HAS BEEN, used to oppress people. People who helped slaves escape to freedom were breaking the law. People who sheltered Jews and gays and Roma from Nazi genocide were breaking the law. Sometimes, there is nothing a moral person can do BUT break the law.

I'm not saying ALL laws are immoral. But if you cannot imagine ANY law ever being worth breaking, you either need to read some history, or you're comfortable living with oppression because you're confident it will only ever oppress other people.

And if it's the latter, I'm not particularly interested in your opinion.


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On this #Caturday I once again ask you to add an image description to your photos.

Please. 🥺

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Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

#1000Fragen 420. Wie kumpelhaft bist du? 

Ziemlich? Das müssen vermutlich die Kumpel beurteilen …

#1000Fragen 419. Was ist deine größte Schwäche? 

Ich bin sehr harmoniebedürftig. Ich will es immer allen recht machen. Ich kann schlecht loslassen.

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If you are in the EU and have not yet heard of this vote. There is a European's citizens Initiative for a Universal Basic Income. This is an EU binding vote. eci.ec.europa.eu/014/public/#/ . There is only 5 days left and over 700,000 votes still needed. Please vote.

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dating, how to not be a creep 

Because I've had to read so many bad examples again: My fellow dudes, here is how to conduct yourself in a dating context:

1. Ask the person you find attractive out. Make it clear its a date not a friendship meeting, propose a location that's safe for your date-to-be, and accept that some people have reason to be wary of men before getting to know them on an individual basis.

Hallo zusammen, wegen Krankheit habe ich eine Karte zu vergeben für Green Day / Fall Out Boy / Weezer am Sonntag, 19. Juni 2022, im Wiener Ernst-Happel-Stadion. Zum Einkaufspreis von 78€, Treffpunkt vor dem Stadion mit mir. Bitte DM, wenn du Interesse hast.

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For any trans people who need to hear this:

Your body is beautiful. You're worthy of being desired, if that's something you want.

Whether you choose to transition (and in whatever direction you want), and wherever you are in that process -- you're seen, you are believed, and I'm proud to be your sibling.

When you look in the mirror, you deserve to hear, "Hey, Beautiful." If you don't hear it in your voice, hear it in mine.

Your strength is incredible. You come from a long tradition of transgender people, stretching back to the earliest days of humanity.

Let the haters shout into the void. You don't need to. The Void already loves you. ✨​

(cis people please boost)

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The Lost Art of Reading The Other Replies to a Post Before Replying

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You are, at best, temporarily able-bodied.

Build the society that will help you survive when your body is no longer able.

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