New #introductions time!

I'm kind of a mess -- but a friendly one!

I'm an author, a #narrator, and a moon #witch in training.

I talk a lot about my familiar, Merlin the cat.

I post a lot of #writing and #microfiction for free -- mostly cute creatures and monster romance and #cats.

I toot awkward true stories in #VicorvaStorytime

I love #reading #books #gaming #TTRPG #boardgames

I'm the eldest of seven siblings and nearly all of us are queer.

I'm very awkward but do say hello!


@vicorva Oh, well, I started with urban fantasy, but by now my body hosts several writer-beings with quite different likings (crime fiction, horror, romantic comedies)🤗 Together with three fellow female writers of the german „Phantastik Autoren Netzwerk“ have a lot of fun writing shortstories for our campaign

@CARaabe oh that sounds great. Also it's very cool that you write so many genres. :)

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